Romance Author Paula Judith Johnson
Romance Author Paula Judith Johnson

The Story of                  Paula Judith Johnson

Years ago, in 1948 to be exact, Phil and Joan Johnson were expecting the birth of their first baby. Joan wanted a girl she could name Paula Judith. Instead she bore a son and they named him Steven Walter.

Eighteen months later, expecting their second child, Mrs. Johnson was sure she would have the girl she could name Paula Judith. Again a son was born. He was named Paul Phillip.

After three years Joan was pregnant again. She recognized that all the children born to her husband’s siblings were boys. She refused to tempt fate and resigned herself to bearing a house full of male children.

Amazingly a daughter was born. Not wanting the confusion of having children named Paul and Paula so close together, they named the girl (me) Teresa Marie.

A few years later, expecting a fourth baby, Joan hoped for a daughter to name Paula Judith. Instead, my brother, Martin Perry arrived.

Unexpectedly, fifteen years after this long saga began, another birth was anticipated. Mom said she had no doubt it would be a girl. She could tell, she said, by how the child was carried in her womb. The favored name, Paula Judith, was resurrected.

My parents didn’t consider male names because it wasn’t necessary—or so they thought. It took three days for Mom and Dad to decide on the name Kenneth Raymond for my youngest brother.

By writing under the name of Paula Judith Johnson, I gave my mother the daughter she always wanted.


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